Gherardi offers catering products that are the result of the selection of each supplier, the analysis of its products and the satisfaction of our customers’ requests. Each catering item is selected for quality, hygiene and health standards, verification of safety standards, reliability, and the certainty of supply that each manufacturer can guarantee.

The constantly updated references are able to satisfy all the needs of those who work professionally in the “away from home”: currently our products for catering amount to over two thousand items, most of them Italian, divided into fresh food (cured meats, meats, dairy products , yeast, butter, eggs, meat, fish, desserts), dry food (flours, pasta, rice, oils, pickles and pickles, canned goods, jams, baked goods, sugars and spices) and Non Food (items for cleaning kitchens, laboratories, restaurant rooms, disposable containers, tablecloths and disposable items, equipment for ovens and pizzerias).

By participating in the Cateringross purchasing group, the most important national group among food-service wholesalers, Gherardi is also able to offer its own brands for a selection of specialist products for catering.


Selected and top quality food for catering, divided between fresh food and dry food

Not Food

Catering items such as cleaning kitchens, laboratories and rooms, disposable containers, tablecloths, equipment for ovens and pizzerias

Our Brands

A careful selection of specialist products for catering and bakery

Our Partners

The partnership we establish with each manufacturer of catering items follows a meticulous process of evaluation, selection, monitoring so that we can provide the best to our customers in the world of catering (from food to non-food products).
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