Reliability, quality, seriousness: the partner you were waiting for for your supplies in the catering, hospitality and bakery fields.

Since 1977, a family business driven by passion, a vast catalog of over 2000 products and the ability to guide each customer in reading the real needs of the market: a reliable partner for every catering supply.

Quality and seriousness

Selection of the best products for catering, over 2000 top quality references, a modern warehouse and competent and helpful staff.


We verify the history, the places of origin, the processing methods, the choice of raw materials and the traditions behind each product.

Humanity and relationship

Both with our employees and with customers who have always come to us not only for the products, but also for the special relationship.

Catering, Hospitality and Bakery supplies

Quality products, including service: with this goal Gherardi has always approached the world of supplies for catering, hospitality and bakery, from food products to equipment. The personalized service for each customer is the result of the careful selection of quality products, support in consultancy and sales, timely distribution, daily collaboration based on integrity and trust.

Gherardi is on the market as a wholesaler specialized in supplies for catering, hospitality and bakery: both food and non-food products for restaurants, hotels, pizzerias, bakeries, pastry shops, delicatessens and bars in the province of Sondrio. We select products for our customers, discovering their history, places, production methods, the choice of raw materials and tradition. We value quality production realities. We defend the genuineness and authentic flavors, the tradition of our places.

We ensure the best possible service thanks to our team of qualified collaborators. Our agents visit customers weekly, guaranteeing advice, order support and after-sales assistance.

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